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Levels of evidence and healthy scepticism – Sketchnotes for learning

I’ve combined a few concepts here from week 4 ‘evidence used in practice’ including levels of evidence and healthy scepticism. This one probably edges more into the category of a sketched infographic, but in any case, it’s for my study notes.

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Case formulation – Sketchnotes for learning

This week we are working through case formulation and the 4 P’s. Rumour has it there are more P’s to come along, but for now I have this diagram which is in part inspired by sketches our unit chair Alexa Haley did during class.

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Thoughts about the Scientist-Practitioner model in an organisational context

This week at uni I am learning about the scientist-practitioner model and the challenges of the scientist-practitioner gap. I immediately found it thoroughly interesting and stayed up late making notes on the prescribed academic articles.

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Back to school with my digital toolbox

I remember the excitement of preparing for every new school year. The scent of fresh textbooks. Notebooks lovingly covered in contact paper for protection. New stationery with my name carefully etched in. But times have changed and as I have prepared to go back to school I’ve embraced the same digital toolbox that I use at work, Microsoft 365.

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Ethics in Psychology – Sketchnotes for learning

Last week I began my psychology studies with foundational units centred mostly around the fundamentals of practice and academic writing. To help myself with absorbing the learning material I have been doing a bit of sketchnoting.

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My plan to study Organisational Psychology

I am in the process of completing an application to Deakin University to study Organisational Psychology. Among certified documents, and digging out transcripts, part of the process is to complete a personal statement. I have written cover letters before, but never a a personal statement for university entrance. In the interest of ‘working out loud’ and open learning I thought I would share my draft statement here on my blog.

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