Rebecca Jackson

Authenticity and Trust in Enterprise Communities [Video]

I had a conversation with fellow Microsoft MVPs Benjamin Elias and Simon Terry about the new Yammer Post on Behalf of feature, and it’s potential impact on authenticity and trust organisations that use it.

Benjamin, Simon and I all separately put our thoughts out there about this feature in blog posts:

Post on Behalf of in Yammer – Proceed with Caution by Rebecca Jackson

Posting on Behalf of HRH Queen Elizabeth II by Benjamin Elias

Two Yammer Networks and Two Yammer Uses: PoBo Arrives by Simon Terry

After some discussion over Twitter, LinkedIn and Yammer we took our offline discussions online as a fitting topic for a REgarding 365 discussion. Check out our video to get our insights into the risks and relevant applications of this feature.

We’d also love to hear your take, and your experience. Feel free to use the video comments, blog comments or reach out to us on Twitter @RebeccaJLJ, @Collabital, @SimonGTerry and pop in the hashtags #RE365 #Yammer and #PoBo for good measure.

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