Rebecca Jackson


As I did in 2015 I have once again chosen to capture my goals for the year ahead in sketchnote form.

Taking what I learned from last year’s exercise I have simplified my goals. I have used images that represent the overall theme I want to follow for 2016. Following an idea presented by Dr Jason Fox I have chosen a “fuzzy contextual beacon” rather than specific goals for the year. My beacon? Brick. Lego Brick to be specific.

I drafted out my goal on the first of January using the last page of my 365 diary from last year. After watching Dr Fox’s video I sat on that draft and iterated around what my word could be for 2016.


Rather than sit on the word ‘Fundamental’, I fine tuned it to ‘Brick’. I like the idea of having a specific visual reference and a Lego Brick symbolises the simplicity and fun I want to have in my life this year.


The process of developing it was a useful exercise in itself as I took the time to consider what worked (and didn’t) last year and how I could summarise what I wanted to do this year with one word. I aim to check in mid-year to see how I am tracking with my theme for the year, and the “fuzzy contextual beacon” as a concept.

Do you do goal setting exercises at New Year? I’d love to hear about your process and tips for success.


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