Rebecca Jackson

Less is more with notifications on Yammer

Volume and frequency of notifications can be overwhelming in the workplace. As Community Managers we are often found in the middle of community members who want fewer notifications, and business communicators who want to be sure their posts are being seen. 

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My plan to study Organisational Psychology

I am in the process of completing an application to Deakin University to study Organisational Psychology. Among certified documents, and digging out transcripts, part of the process is to complete a personal statement. I have written cover letters before, but never a a personal statement for university entrance. In the interest of ‘working out loud’ and open learning I thought I would share my draft statement here on my blog.

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What is your community Alma Mater?

In the United States, and a little here in Australia, the school you graduated from (particularly University or College) is refered to as your Alma Mater. But not everyone undertakes learning from formal institutions on their path to a fulfilling career. And, institutional learning is not the only facet of growing a career or area of interest. I feel a commonality though, in the cycle of growth that occurs and wonder – What is your Community Alma Mater?

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