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Product Camp Melbourne this weekend

If you’re a Melbourne product owner, product manager, product marketer or just product curious then you should free up your Saturday  this weekend to come along to Product Camp.

Tickets are still available for this huge (and free) meetup of Melbourne product management professionals. The day is organised in an unconference format, where attendees decide and drive the content on the day.

Don’t wait, RSVP for Product Camp Melbourne 2016 now.

I’m very much looking forward to my 3rd Product Camp and hope to see you there. Here’s some of the highlights from last year’s event:

Thoughts and sketches from #ECTF16

Enterprise Collaboration Techfest (ECTF16)  was in Melbourne on February  29 and March 1 2016. The lineup included a number of my favourite international thinkers in the enterprise social and intranet space, so I was very pleased to be able to attend and absorb fascinating case studies and new ideas.

The high level themes that had a thread through many of the presentations and give me focus for my own work:

  • Collaboration is about people
  • Technology won’t solve people problems
  • Culture eats technology (and strategy) for breakfast
  • The physical environment still plays a part in the digital workplace

What I personally take away from this is a reminder about design needing to be people focussed, and an action to be less focussed on the tool and more focussed on behavioural aspects. Instead of dropping a new toy in their laps. What are we trying to help or change for people?

Here is a selection of my favourite concepts from individual presenters throughout the conference:

  • Collaboration is a human activity. The collaboration paradox is “the more tools we have the less connected we seem” – Dion Hinchcliffe
  • Are new tools needed? Focus on people and leverage existing tools. – Robyn Randell
  • Without the why (of collaboration) we’re just like chickens fighting in the dark – Silvia Damiano
  • 3 types of use cases to show the benefits of collaboration: wide, deep and replicable. – Sharon O’Dea
  • Think of it as a ‘Digital Headquarters’, but don’t forget the physical counterpart. Both are important. – Paul Miller
  • The group is smarter as long as everyone is contributing. – Sean Halloran

See more detail from a selection of presentations in my sketchnotes below.

More perspectives on ECTF16:

To add to the reading list:

Me, a bit excited to meet Paul Miller and get a copy of his book.


Sketchnotes of Dion Hinchcliffe at ECTF16. Today’s Digital Collaboration Tools – Connecting Everything to High Value Business Outcomes
Sketchnotes of Sharon O’Dea at ECTF16. Employee Experience Matching Millennial Expectations.
Sketchnotes of Silvia Damiano at ECTF16. The Four Key Pillars of a Collaborative Enterprise.


Intranet Innovation Awards 2015

I’ve been following the Intranet Innovation Awards for a few years now and every year I am wowed by the fresh ideas, clever execution and innovative ways that intranets can meet staff needs. I jumped on to the webinar to get my annual fix of intranet awesome and was not disappointed. Congratulations all of this years winners; and to James, Steve and the team at Step Two Designs on another excellent collection. Here are my takeaways from the session.

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